Our Mission

Enable properties to smoothly transition towards our ‘on-demand everything’ society. Hospitality Innovated (HI) created easy to adopt protocols so that Hotels can offer more flexibility while ‘Hyper-Inflating’ revenues by monetizing & optimizing room downtime.




“say HI to change”




What is Hospitality Innovated?

With 95 years of accumulated experience in the Hospitality field, HI’s team has a track record of successful ventures targeting Operations, Revenue Management, Travel Tech & Communications, unlocking inefficiencies in the Hotel space and boosting guest experience.




Thus producing the following two solutions:



HBDColorLogo Flex-Book

Give your property a competitive advantage by monetizing flexibility of early check-in/late check-out, boosting guest satisfaction, eliminating room downtime, and ultimately increasing profits.

  • Rate codes available on GDS
  • Optimize your guest travel needs
  • Increased exposure
  • Capture business travel needs
  • Reduce CAC
  • Work with travel agencies
HBDColorLogo Hotels By Day

Seamlessly unlocks latent intra-day hotel inventory, bringing guests the flexibility of short stays. Intra-day rooms being the inventory of unsold rooms from the night before pooled with early checkouts.

  • Optimize free real-estate
  • Boost RevPAR
  • Work with travel agencies
  • Provide flexibility to guests
  • Maximize sleeping and meeting rooms
  • Capture intra-day demands